Thursday, October 24, 2013


The old S & P newsstand, glassified in late 2012, was christened Park Beer Store in July. The plastic banner declaring its sorry name seemed like a final touch of indignity.  Where once a lovely ramshackle old stand had been - one rooted in the history of Fifth - there was now but a sorry, characterless beer box.  You can follow the links back from here to see its past incarnations.  Just in the last week or so it got a more permanent sign:

Park Beer Store is in small letters at the corner (unseen here).  I suppose this is better than a sagging banner, but the general effect is still sad. 
The "beer store"sign is increasing in popularity.  Where once newspapers or groceries might be advertised, now there's a bald, boozy call to passers by.  Today at the corner of Fourth and 11th, new signage was going up:

4th Ave Beer House.  I like a good liquor store sign as much as anyone, but these are kind of desperate.  This is still actually a grocery store ("organic food" - ha ha ) with a new beery name. 
I can't quite figure out how the signs, and the "relaxation" spas sprouting on almost every block, fit an ever-wealthier demographic, but I'm no expert in these matters.

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