Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Swing Ride


Jeff said...

We had a swing truck come our way at least once a week - a dime would get you on and you tried to be first in line so you could take one of the top seats. The operator would push the swing by hand, back and forth, getting more lift each time. If you were lucky, he'd hit the bottom a couple times adding to the adrenaline rush. Then it would be over, we'd jump off back to the sidewalk and he would drive o the next neighborhood.

Only thing left to do then was wait for either the Mister Softee truck or Good Humor...

- J.

onemorefoldedsunset said...

Once a week - what a great childhood! Thanks so much for sharing those memories.

SMITTY said...

YOU FORGOT,,,,,,at the end, the driver/pusher gave us a toy each.
CHOICE WAS: little cheap plastic toy, or A PUNK!
You know....looked like an incense stick, but you lit it, and it supposedly kept away mosquitoes. My Mom hated the smell.
Used to lit firecrackers, another thing she hated.