Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Goodbye Sun Bo Bo

A new sign, and new owners, at the old Sun Bo Bo, the Chinese restaurant I've weathered the last quarter century or more with here in the South Slope. There isn't much left from the strip I knew when I first moved onto my block. Goodbye Bo Bo, & hello the far less felicitous sounding Far East Restaurant, set to open in a couple of weeks. Hello too, to a new (rather standard) photo-style menu & a Coke machine. There are still a couple of old orange seats though, and I hope they stick around for old time's sake. As this is a no-frills re-fit, I'm guessing that the Bo Bo sign lingers under the vinyl too - a slightly cheering thought. I'll have to go back and check. The Far East guys were very welcoming when I dropped by. I wish them good luck.

Sun Bo Bo hung around this blog for nearly four years. Here are a couple of more recent posts.

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