Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Closures & Openings

Lost City reports on the closure of Adelman's, the famed deli of King's Highway.  Here's a photo from a visit I took last month, on a quiet Saturday afternoon.

Also, some very good news - the planned reopening of Sunny's in June, and May fundraising (kicking off at the Bell House) to move things along (Gothamist):

"Restoring an historic bar is no easy task. Over the years, Sunny’s has done amazing things with little resources. We have been working relentlessly after the flood to piece things back together. There is new boiler, hot water-heater, new gas-line from the street, new electric service, new compressor, countless smaller repairs and incredible volunteer help. The Kick-starter campaign and other financial help paid for these expenses. We had no idea at the time of the scope of the work we are looking at now. We have the engineers' report to prove it. The work we need in the basement has already been surveyed and drawn. Our engineer is self-certifying to help speed up the process. As soon as we get the permit from the DOB, we'll start digging!"

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Be the BQE said...

Another deli lost to time. Still miss the Zeimar in Brighton Beach, which maintained it was "The World's Finest Deli" and Harmon's on E. 49th St.