Friday, February 8, 2013

Links with Italics

Improving the BQE underpass at Atlantic?  (Brownstoner)

"The Atlantic Avenue BID released a Request for Proposal to envision a safer, re-designed space along Atlantic Avenue underneath the BQE. According to the organization, “we are interested in what can be done to make this space a meaningful transition zone (my italics) and gateway to both Brooklyn Bridge Park and Atlantic Avenue. On either side of the highway are really wonderful destinations and this underpass is truly serving as an unpleasant barrier.”

SUNY trustees vote to close Long Island College Hospital (NY Times)

"SUNY officials also denied assertions by hospital workers that Downstate wanted to close the hospital so it could sell its real estate for cash, though given Downstate’s precarious financial position and LICH’s prime location, seeking a buyer would seem to be a logical move.
“The answer is no,” H. Carl McCall, SUNY’s chairman and a former state comptroller, said Thursday when pressed on the issue of selling the property. “There is no plan whatsoever (my italics) with respect to real estate.”

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