Saturday, June 18, 2011

Visual Overload May Drive You a Little Fuxing Crazy

There's so much going on in this scene that it boggles my mind.  The yellow 99c sign at the left & the defunct OFF TRACK of the betting shop at the right - kind of nice flanking partners to that grand central edifice.  The LK sign takes up most of the vinyl sided second floor, with those four tiny windows perched over the top of it, and the faded green cornicey type thing above them.  The LK 5TH AVE INC. has a little gold detail going on, as does the phone number, but the bulk of the lettering below is satisfyingly plain:  LADIES-MENS & CHILDRENS-GIFTS-COSMETICS-HOUSEWARES.   The W in HOUSEWARES is all over the place.  The little red Retail at the side looks almost like an afterthought.  There are two real estate signs on here too, one of them EXCLUSIVE PROPERTIES (SEE IT ON THE WEB) and the other a different company running a bigger, hanging number higher up.  But they're both redundant now.  The NEW FUXING LAUNDROMAT is COMING (SOON 24 HOURS 180 TAIWAN MACHINE) .  Does that mean 180 machines (wow - seems like a fuxing lot), or is 180 Taiwan a model ?  I'd like to know.That yellow and red is so vivid over the LK blue & white, &amp - more pumped up than the yellow and red of the signs to the left & below.  Bam, bam, bam!  The more you look the more you see - the little realty sign at the OTB, the inflatable tiger and zebra, that little splash of yellow paint above the plywood.  If you go further up, you see the tops of the buildings. The cornice above LK is a glorious rusted sunset of pinks and browns, the one to the left a standard somber chocolate.  The OTB building is hard to figure out.  Is it the same vintage, all cement blocked over, except for that sad wasted gesture of cornice shaped brickwork?  The purplish slabs of window are brutal and blank, & the second floor lost any hint of an opening at all. A cemetery of a place, with only the ghosts of punters past below.  Above 99c Land though, life is clearly domestic, with potted plants at a window open just a few inches.  At the floor above there's a US flag. Meanwhile, down at the street, a couple strides along, two kids in tow.  The woman looks a little serious.  The man (it's hard to tell, but I think I'm right) seems to be checking his phone.

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Marty Wombacher said...

Wow that is a lot stuff in that photo. Dizzying! And New Fuxing Laundromat are my three favorite new words! That would be a great name for a band!