Sunday, June 5, 2011

Changes of Lesser & Greater Importance

Balaka, the ever-empty Indian restaurant at 14th & Sixth, has come & gone.  In its place, it seems, will be Cobble Grill II.  I guess this is related to the burger place, Cobble Grill, at Degraw & Henry.  Before Balaka, before Slope's Bistro, there was a grocery store here.

On Fifth & 22nd the splendid Smolen Bar & Grill,  which closed early this year, is now set to become a bar named Mary's.  Well maybe this change has been in the works for some time - I don't know.  I only noticed the sign in the papered over window today. It's a real shame to see another piece of the neighborhood's Polish past disappear, and it will be a very sad day indeed when (I wish I could say if) those fine red signs disappear.  On the 22nd St. side, the gaping "O" and "G" presage the end, and on Fifth, one of the eagles has already vanished.  Today, a small plastic bag full of bread was hanging on the fence.  What kind of offering is that?

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