Sunday, June 5, 2011

Guerrero Food Center

At least, at the other end of the block from Smolen's, there's the Guerrero Food Center, at 23rd.  I like this place the way I used to like Tacos Nuevo Mexico, at 12th, before it got tarted up & sold Sex on The Beach to loud-mouthed twenty somethings.  On one side of the main store is the counter, where you pay for stuff and order food.  Across from it, the kitchen, for those tacos, tortas, quesadillas, cemitas and huaraches.  The food is very good. Most of it is taken out, but there are a couple of tables at the back, and it's worth sitting in.  Eat some tacos fresh & hot, drink a Mexican soda, and watch the customers passing through: families with little kids, workers in for lunch, some of the newer Greenwood residents.  The other day there was a cute boy there - eleven or twelve? - fresh from the barber with a brand new haircut.  He leaned against a display case, all studied cool, but blew his act by repeatedly patting the top of his hair with his fingertips, checking out the feel of the spikes. 

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Marty Wombacherw said...

Nice write up and photos, I need to check this place out!