Friday, April 22, 2011

New Restaurant for Twelfth

The storefront at the corner of 12th and Sixth, once home to the infamous mother impersonator Thomas Prusik Parkin, has finally found a tenant.  The store will house a restaurant, with a brick-oven, communal table, rustic kind of vibe, and it's expected to open in mid-July.  The new proprietors live locally, and seem to have a good sense of what will work in the South Slope, something that Soigne, their neighbor across 12th, hasn't really caught on to.  We discussed the possibility of them dressing as their moms on opening night, which I think would be a fitting gesture. Any suggestions for restaurant names will be passed on.

For those who didn't catch the Prusik Parkin story back in 2009, you can read about it here, and catch a Post interview with him here.  And for good measure, here's a Post video.  Prusik-Parkin is still awaiting trial.

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