Tuesday, April 12, 2011

More Tree Stuff

So it's back to the search. God, there's so much damn evergreenery in New York!  I've become as nervous as a hunter in my stalking of Christmas trees, peripherally glimpsing flashes of green around every corner: trees 'landscaping' crappy condos, withered shrubs in pots outside overpriced restaurants, weedy clumps of plant life in rubbled building lots.  It's too much!!!  Worse still, I'm now plagued by troubling fantasies: a midnight sally to slash & abscond with a decorative pine, or a quick yanking of roots to lift a tired tree from its planter.  No! no!  for God's sake, no! Today I found myself admiring the Rambo-style goods in the window of Tip Top Gift.  I may be approaching the point of no return.

Strange (or perhaps not) that another tree-related topic came up yesterday.  It's a long-standing family myth that I have a crush on Leo Lessard, a champion woodsman from Lyndonville, Vermont.  This is, of course, not true at all, but I used to be a big fan. Lessard, a short, stocky guy in his late fifties or early sixties (I guess?), has been competing on the woodsman circuit for many years, and is probably a bit past his prime at this point, but a few years back he was one of the best ax throwers you could see in the north-east.  You could pretty much rely on Leo hitting the target at dead center, splitting that soda can wide open.  Yes!  Even the most non-sporty person could enjoy watching woodsmen events. Most of the crowd is elderly & laconic.  There's no loud support from the fans, no drunken catcalls, and nobody's face is painted blue or red.  Appreciation is a muttered, nodding affair. 
Anyway, I found out yesterday that he's on youtube! It's a tantalisingly brief clip, and it's not an ax, but here he is in action.  Leo with a 250 cc hotsaw!

Oh & getting back to New York trees again, what song have I been humming all day?


Marty Wombacher said...

Good luck with the search! I hope to see an entry from you soon! This contest has become my obsession!

onemorefoldedsunset said...

Well I may need a rest cure in Gstaad soon. Or perhaps a trip to Bellevue!