Thursday, April 21, 2011

Back of Baba's Deli

A few years ago I was excited to discover the backyard seating at Baba's Deli (Fifth, just before Prospect).  It wasn't a terrace or a patio, and it wasn't frequented by a stroller crowd or anyone even slightly hipsterish.  It seemed so far off the radar for those worlds that its only regulars appeared to be me and an especially derelict looking bunch of elderly men. Though I liked the place, with its huge shade trees, and air of gloomy stillness,  I did feel a bit out of place at this salon, and when my work routine changed, I stopped going there.  Too bad, because the people that run Baba's were a really nice bunch.   On the rare occasions I returned, I found the back door marked with a closed sign, & assumed it was shut off for good.  On Tuesday, though, it was open again, and I checked it out.  It's pretty much the same. They've spiffed it up a bit with some murals, but  the view of demolition counters this attempt at cheer.  I was the only one there, and my cup of coffee was without a doubt the worst I've had in years, but the visit suited my anti-social mood perfectly.  I think I'll be back!

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