Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Eighth Avenue, Brooklyn - 60th St. to 40th St. : A Few Remnants of the Past

This place was a speakeasy back in the Depression, and has been an Irish bar for some time.  It seems to have a reputation as a no-nonsense, friendly kind of joint, and attracts a mixed crowd, including plenty of local Chinese residents, and a smattering of elderly Scandinavians.  Does anyone know anything about a shaving cream song that supposedly amuses the regular drinkers?

Well, this looks like a fossil of the far-away 80's, and what a cool little sign it is.  The store was shut up when I walked by, but there was a lot of stuff inside.  The goods looked pretty random, and included clothing.

These signs are beauties!  A hero, your basket of groceries, a foaming mug, & you're all set!  Not so exciting inside.

The main sign actually says Mario's Economy Discount Wines and Liquors, but the Mario has almost disappeared.  What I like is the vertical sign, with that little "Spirits Too!!" kick at the bottom.  Not one, but two exclamation marks!!  Let's go wild!!

And finally, a fairly recent street sign that marks the Scandanavian roots of the neighborhood.  It's got an exotic, faraway allure & I'd be pretty happy if that were my address - all pine trees, snow & dried reindeer meat.

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