Monday, September 30, 2013

Bakery Closed

La Dolce bakery, which opened at Fifth Avenue & 10th in mid-2012, has been shuttered for several weeks, with the ominous "closed for renovation" sign, and word of a bad DOH report, but I was told today that it's gone for good.  Though a recent arrival, it was an old-fashioned kind of store for current Fifth, with its gaudy party cakes, and inexpensive Italian-style pastries. It's trickier than it seems suiting the needs and tastes of customers, especially when rents are so damn high. Raw bars & boutique wine stores could theoretically make it, given their success elsewhere, but the right location is paramount, & the turnover rate is still high for niche-fare. Tastes are fickle, and pitch is all. A member of this household consumed many La Dolce baba-au-rhum desserts during its short stay. The staff were very sweet too.

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