Thursday, July 11, 2013

In Sleep & Dreams

Walking to work this morning, I noticed a couple of changes coming on Fifth between 11th & 12th.  It always amused me that the block's sentinels were Sleepy's on 12th & Dreamy's on 11th.  Though I never bought mattresses at either store, and they could hardly be called attractive, the names alone seemed to fit the craziness of neighborhood transition.  There's no sense in this little world. Well, Dreamy's is up for rent, and I doubt the next business will keep poetic symmetry.  I do wonder if Dreamy's demise will mean a brief return of the Queen in Bazaar, sign, an old favorite of mine.
The other change is that we are soon to get a wine store, a replacement for Hair Designs by Julie, whose sullen window ladies are still missed.  Here they are a couple of years back.  Will the new wine store will be going for a high end market?  I think it'll still be the six buck deals at Bay River Liquors for me.

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