Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Disappearing World

This was the Eagle sign on Tuesday. Across Fourth the condo buildings lord above a rowhouse block, taking away light and any sense of proportion.


As I took pictures, I got chatting to one of the owners of Superior Tinsmith, a multi-generation business that is immediate neighbor to one of the giants. A familiar tale of property damage, insurance company dropping coverage, and sheer frustration, with a city that has absolutely no regard for the rights of the individual. How did our lives as long-standing residents, property owners, small business owners, become as nothing?


Rog_Paw said...

Funnily enough, PIX 11 news (I think it was them) ran a piece on our disappearing signage (using this one as an example) last night or the night before.

They said the owners of the building are planning on using the neon signage on the building again in a different way once the renovations are complete.

No one seemed to know what the management meant by that (maybe on the facade somewhere?).

Ken Mac said...

you ask an important question. We all know the answer. Greed.