Monday, November 12, 2012

On Catherine Street

Knickerbocker Village, two weeks after Sandy. Still without heat & mostly powerless. A row of stores are closed, though a corner grocery has a generator. At corners, the elderly stop, check on neighbors, ask about the housebound, compare stories. One woman had just bought a blanket at Century 21. "It's so cold at night." Across the street, the elementary school is a warming center, and on Cherry, there are tents where food is served. A mobile boiler arrives. On Madison a bunch of FEMA guys standing around chatting. A week ago a 101 year old woman died here.


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Laura Goggin Photography said...

There will be a meeting tonight at PS 1 on Henry, btw Oliver and Catherine, to discuss the mess that is Knickerbocker Village. Government officials are supposed to attend...should be interesting.