Saturday, May 12, 2012


The last week or so has been extremely busy.  As a result, I feel I've barely had time to walk and think freely.  In addition, the threat of next-door demolition (you could just try denial & pretend you'd dreamed it) is now exchanged for reality.  It will be.  When your house is attached to a demolition site, it's not a pretty state of affairs & "home" is an awfully fragile concept.  A perfectly good hundred and forty one year-old frame house, designed as part of an attached row, is not valuable enough for today's market. 
In that other part of the Slope, there'll be an Open House tour next weekend, where visitors in special slippers will gaze at landmarked brownstone splendours, with chandeliered parlor floors, professionally landscaped gardens and high-end kitchens.  You won't catch me there.


Carl Douglas said...

Carl Douglas will stand watch. Do not fear.

onemorefoldedsunset said...

Carl, you seldom speak up here, but you're a very reassuring presence. Thank you.

Marty Wombacher said...

Cheers to Carl Douglas!