Saturday, May 19, 2012

Ninety Years Ago on Fifth

General view of Vacant Plot, looking from 3rd St. and 5th Avenue - May 21, 1922

From The Municipal Archives Online Gallery


Carl Douglas said...

To be fair even now that's where the park is, right?

onemorefoldedsunset said...

To be fair? Sorry if this came across in a negative way - just thought it was an interesting photograph. Especially as the Old Stone House (demolished in the 1890s along with the rest of Washington Park, after a fire))isn't back there at that point. From the Stone House website:

In the 1930s, Robert Moses initiated a drive to build more public parks throughout New York’s five boroughs. In the heart of Park Slope, he opened a new recreation space named for the recently deceased borough president, JJ Byrne. Facing pressure from local citizens to memorialize the Battle of Brooklyn, Moses agreed to construct a replica of the original Vechte house using stones from the original structure that had been buried on the site, about 100 feet in from the corner of 3rd Street and 5th Avenue.

If you go to the site you can read about the whole pre-Dodgers association. They played at Washington Park, & house served as a club-house in the late C19:

And that's enough of a comment from me!