Monday, December 12, 2011

The Loneliest Room

While it was quiet enough in the bar tonight at Jackie's Fifth Amendment, and the talk tended to the low & melancholic, the Christmas lights twinkled, and softened a little both the mood and the tired sadness on the faces of the (mostly older, female) drinkers.  Early evening ennui on Fifth.  The dimly lit back room, however, was positively ghostly, and no fairy bulbs or Santas made a difference here. The tables, with their floral plastic tablecloths, were waiting for the party that never arrived, and there was no one handy with a set of darts to play a game or two.  If only you could conjur some past merriment to fill the room with laughter. This blurry shot is pretty pathetic, but it kind of sums up the spirit of the hour.


Marty Wombacher said...

Nice descriptive writing, the glum from the room comes right through.

Eliot said...

There used to be a sign I liked at the entrance to that room: "JUDGE'S CHAMBERS".