Saturday, December 31, 2011

How Much Would You Pay for a Pair of Shoes?

According to Park Slope Patch, local (Seventh Avenue) businesses have had a booming holiday season.  Eric Mudick, owner of Eric shoestore, said his customers were choosing higher end merchandise this year:

Monday and Tuesday we saw mothers with their exasperated daughters coming in to buy things they cannot get while at college,” said Mudick. “One girl bought four pairs of handmade boots for $500 a piece.”
He said the biggest difference he saw from last year was that people bought more expensive shoes this time around.
“Instead of buying two pairs of shoes made in China for $200 a piece, people seemed to value quality more this time around,” Mudick said. “People were coming in and buying boots that cost $500 and up, but they will last for ten years.”

Hah.  I'm not even at the cheap Chinese shoes end of this scale.  Not surprising I'm barely ever on Seventh.

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