Thursday, October 6, 2011

Reading Matters

How nice to get a small, slim, parcel in the mail.  Fastidiously wrapped in brown paper.  It came from Romy Ashby, and contained two copies of Housedeer.  These were first issue copies of her new magazine, which will celebrate "the gentlest of oddballs", "individuals ... who manage to live life according to their own natures, with joyousness and elegance, against the tide". The first issue is devoted to the early life of artist Liza Stelle, daughter of jazzman Eddie Condon.  In it, Romy talks to Liza's sister Maggie about their lives growing up in the 40s and 50s .

Romy's writing is beautiful, whether it's reaching back to memories of an earlier, charmed, city, or looking at New York today & making the smallest & slightest of objects and events about her resonate with meaning.  It shimmers.  When you put it aside, it'll alter your bearings just a little, the way that good writing always should.  Yes, joyousness.

So go.  Now.  Order your copies.  Order them for your friends.   It'll be the best five dollars you've spent in a long, long while.

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