Friday, July 27, 2012

Borough Park (2)

13th Avenue was brighter than New Utrecht, and rather more cheery. A greater number of women and children were out on the street. Mothers gathered in clusters chatting. Small boys walked home holding hands. The retail strip was a mix of old and new, with some shinier looking restaurants here and there, but also stores that seemed to have weathered forty or fifty years without the help of touch-up paint, sign repair, or even adjustment to a 718 number. Was it lassitude, or indifference? Or was a sign itself irrelevant, given that attracting newcomers was by no means important, or even desired? The stores, and their customers, were clearly long-term partners, and a sign hardly mattered. Certainly the K(&?)S Fisheries (UL4 6866), despite its faded appearance, was busy.

Back at 55th, where 13th & New Utrecht meet, from very end of the station platform .  There are still mysteries right at your doorstep.

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