Sunday, July 1, 2012

Along Flushing Avenue

The H.C. Bohack Company acquired 32 acres here in 1911 as a future site for a company headquarters and distribution center. The seller of the property was William Wrigley Jr., famous for Wrigley chewing gum and the owner of the Chicago Cubs major league baseball team. Bohack had 176 grocery and meat markets on Long Island in 1920, and they began construction of a two-story office building on the site and a number of other buildings for the distribution center. Operations started here in 1921. For a number of years following, Bohack added to the real estate, acquiring land on Flushing Avenue, Troutman Street and Starr Street. A bakery was installed in 1923 in a building on Troutman Street at Flushing Avenue Here 30,000 loaves of bread and frankfurter and hamburger buns and coffee rings were baked daily. The Bohack Restaurant was opened at the corner of Troutman and Flushing Avenue.
                                   from   Times (established in 1908 as Ridgewood Times)

Meat, deli, toys, at Harrison Ave.

Maspeth is America:

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