Sunday, April 15, 2012

They're busy at work at Fifth & 11th, as the former Timboo's bar re-emerges as Skylark.  A few days ago, I ran into my  neighbor Keith, from up the next block, and he told me he thought it looked nice.  Still, as he said, it didn't matter much to him; he hadn't had a drink (or a joint) since 1981.  We stood outside the new Key Food & marveled at how quickly this block of Fifth has changed.
The Timboo's sign itself stayed up until quite recently, even as work progressed behind the papered windows. 

By the other day though, the "Timboo's" lettering was gone, & only the two BAR signs, and the bubbling glasses remained.  I thought maybe they were thinking of keeping them & putting the new name up there in the middle, but by yesterday even the bubbles had vanished.  Well not quite.  If you looked closely you could see the ghostly traces of the whole thing.  Then, if you kept looking, you could see faint lines of other letters too, especially at the right-hand side.  Was it a REST for restaurant? It seemed unlikely, but I couldn't come up with anything else.  Maybe it was part of a pre-Timboo's (Steve's/Loftus's) era sign?  Whatever it was, it would disappear shortly.  I pored over these cryptic runes for a while longer, and then gave up.   Skylark, it's all yours.

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