Sunday, April 29, 2012

Save the Date!

The Van Brunt Post Office is 50 years old this year, & you're invited to celebrate!  Well, it's not until September, but there's nothing wrong with an early notice, even though a large part of the sign is curiously blank.  Customers who have to use this place with any regularity will find its design a typically "Van Brunt" form of communication, & will get a good laugh at the "50 Years of Community Service" claim.  Though I've actually found a couple of the clerks at the windows efficient and helpful, they're an aberration here. Van Brunt may be the most reviled P.O. in the city, a place that inspires rage and desperation, and from which a limitless supply of packages and letters either evaporate, or sally forth to the wrong address.  I do wonder how they're going to celebrate though (Line Dancing?  Pass (and lose) the Parcel?) and I'm always up for free refreshments. This knees-up may be too good to miss.

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