Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Police News, February 14, 1878


14 February 1878
Some Well Deserved Fines - The Hamilton Ferry Suicide.
The Board of Police and Excise disposed today of the usual batch of
policemen charged with violating rules.
They fined -
Patrolman Edward HOLMES, of the Fifth Precinct, five days’ pay for being
intoxicated in the street in uniform at 9am.
Patrolman Edward HENNESSEY, Fifth Precinct, five days’ pay for leaving
the station house after permission to do so had been refused.
Bridge Keepers William ROACH & John FITZGERALD two days each for
failing to clean the snow off the Hamilton avenue bridge.
In the case of Sergeant WALSH & Patrolman John MALONEY of the Third Precinct,
charged with failing to report the suicide of the 4th inst, on the Hamilton
Ferry, the Board decided that the excuse of the officers that they could
not authenticate the information given them to be good.

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