Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Cutting Edge Link

A little late (a decade or two?) in the game, the New Yorker discovers that yuppies & strollers have taken over the avenues & that Park Slope is DeadBut it's sort of a silly premise anyway.  Southpaw or no Southpaw, PS was never a hip, happening place alive with cutting edge music.  Yes, it's wealthier than ever, & many of the older bars, stores & other institutions have faded away.  Yes, the demographics (especially in its southern & western edges) have changed dramatically since the 80s.  Yes, its brownstone heart did have a liberal, Upper West Side kind of vibe in the 70s & 80s, but that kind of atmosphere was lost well before 2011.  To quote one former resident as saying the place was "already known as the stroller district" four years ago & another that "the yuppies are taking over" as if it's a recent trend - well that's just absurd.

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