Saturday, January 7, 2012


Torpor.  I seem to be recovering from vacation & the first week back at work.  Today I shuffled around, buying food & returning library books.  I achieved very little else.  I've been lazy in body & mind.  Getting to the library was good though. I do like the Pacific branch of the BPL, with its semi-circular design, & elegant balcony.  It was the first Carnegie branch library in Brooklyn, opened in 1903,  and was almost demolished in the 70s.  There's a good deal of original detail left, and the children's room (a real room, not a section) has a comfortable, lived-in feel.  It's the perfect size for a library branch, & exudes an air of both domesticity & grandeur.  When you step through its doors you're a Reader, and here, at least, the act is holy.

I sat up in the balcony, reading Ben Katchor's The Cardboard Valise, & glancing down from time to time at the hushed & almost empty floor below.


Melanie said...

Kate this is a beautiful photograph. I want to go to this branch. I did not know the history. Thank you for sharing.
Happy New Year!!

onemorefoldedsunset said...

It's a really great branch. NY libraries are very inspiring, I think. I love the EV ones, & have spent a lot of time in Ottendorfer. Happy New Year to you too!