Friday, January 6, 2012

Broken Glass

Well I've no idea who threw the rock through the window of the new restaurant Sweet Wolf (HPS), at Sixth & 12th, but there's plenty of lingering resentment when new and old worlds collide.  Elderly neighbors I know feel increasingly anonymous as the newer, wealthier residents ignore them.  Younger ones get driven out from the area they grew up in by the ever-soaring costs of real estate.  The familiar landmarks they know disappear, one by one.  I don't know what happened here, but I do know of a savage vendetta waged upon a newly moved-in family not that far from here, a few years back..  It went on for a long time & it wasn't pretty.  I hope this is just a random act, but even in the land of baby stores & pourover coffee, there's more than a little ill-will from the dispossessed.  It would be naive to think otherwise.

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