Saturday, August 20, 2011

Brighton Beach

Who is this man on Coney Island Avenue & what exactly is he promoting?  Lotto tickets would be an obvious guess, but the way he's kitted out might suggest otherwise.  His house-hat, & and the little house he's holding are quite mysterious accessories, and the notice-board he bears has only a scrawl of graffiti on it. And yet. When I look at a sign near him, I see that the symbol that begins the word "Loto" sort of matches those on his houses.  But why the houses? If I were Russian, I would surely know these things.

This store is right before CIA hits Brighton Beach Avenue, just before the train track swings around from the Sheepshead Bay station.  Whichever train you're on going to Coney Island, it's always exciting when you get near to the water, and the kid in you gets a little tingly with anticipation.  Even underneath the tracks, there next to Enigmatic Advertizer, it's pretty cool to see the Q pulling around and heading off towards the Brighton Beach stop.  I guess I'm easily pleased.


Marty Wombacher said...

Love the photos! I've never been to Brighton Beach and I planned on going this summer, but now that summer is almost over, maybe I'll shoot for the fall.

Laura Goggin Photography said...

I love Brighton Beach! It's really like another world...there's a really good beer and seafood place at the foot of the subway stairs - we should trek out there some time.

I'm with you on that anticipation. It never fails - when the train leaves the previous station and there's just the one short jog left, the train is abuzz with excitement, whether it's kids, older people or just me.

Melanie said...

I love Brighton Beach. I love the Russians on the boardwalk-their style-their food. I love the shopping as you alight from the train. I meditate there on a rock formation jutting out into the ocean. Haven't been there in a while--been avoiding the train trip.