Sunday, May 1, 2011

Film Biz Prop Shop

The Film Biz Prop Shop, a non-profit store selling donated TV & movie props, relocated from Long Island City to Gowanus last December.  It's at 540 President, between Third & Fourth. I went there several months ago, just after it first opened, and went back for another look yesterday.  This place is a heap of fun, and you can find something to meet even your darkest urges.  For those of you who have secretly (one would assume) longed to own (or rent) a replica electric chair, there's this:

Perhaps you've been dreaming of giving your home a glorified bordello makeover?

These are big ticket items, of course.  The majority of the stuff here is more modestly priced.  A lot of it is of the practical variety - kitchen, art  & office supplies,  desks, chairs, lighting, bedding etc. - but it's also a good source for fake food items, period radios, toys, & the occasional costume.  There's a little (well, a lot) of everything.  My favorite section is a line of thematically arranged boxes:

This one touched a raw nerve:

You can probably get all your party supplies here, and like the electric chair, even small items can be rented.  If you hate buying stuff new, or need to buy something weird for that special friend (or something special for that weird friend), I seriously recommend a visit.

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