Monday, February 21, 2011

More Vintage for Fifth

It's taken four years, but 515 Fifth (the "eco" condo building at 13th Street) has finally got a tenant for its retail space.  Life Emporium, a somewhat upscale vintage store (no Beacon's Closet or Monk vibe here) opened yesterday.  There are two floors of clothing, and also a smattering of furniture.  I tried a joke about it being "just like old times" (remember the Salvation Army thrift store that used to be there?), but it was sniffily received by the staff.  Of course it's nothing like old times anyway.  The Salvation Army offered a trove of good finds over the years, & the prices couldn't be beat. 
Update & apologies. Well I have to say that this place does say not-for-profit (for children with cancer), so perhaps I was unduly harsh.  Still, with $450 pieces of broken furniture, it ain't Salvation Army land.