Friday, February 25, 2011

Fourth Avenue and Seventeenth

If you're passing through the South Slope/Greenwood Heights section of Fourth Avenue any time soon, it's worth stopping for a while at the intersection of Fourth & 17th Street, to look at the buildings on each corner.  Lost City has already extolled the many virtues of Park Slope Grocery and Convinient, on the north-east corner, but here's a photograph anyway.

This is such a grand & imposing building, and that densely packed print on the signs is something you don't see much of these days.  Read the excellent Lost City post for the full run down.
On the north-west corner is Sun Ban Fashions, which manufactures sunglasses, and various kinds of lenses. This two storey manufacturing building is simple in design, yet pleasing in its proportions.  I'm strangely drawn to those three round windows next to the subway entrance.  You can see a similar photograph in color in my previous post.

OK, let's proceed to the southwest corner.  Here's a real treasure.  Supreme Memorials was founded sixty years ago by Rosario and Carmine Cassara, and four generations of Cassaras have maintained this family business.  The store signs are a bit worn at this point, but this doesn't diminish their charms.  At some point Supreme incorporated with Greenwood and Evergreen memorial companies, and this is indicated outside.
There's a lot going on here, and I like the graffiti style Supreme above the sign proper.

(I do seem to have developed a slightly morbid fondness for memorial storefronts & perhaps my all-time favorite is this one on Coney Island Avenue.)
Well, now we've reached the southeast corner, and this one is the real downer.  An unexceptional (to put it kindly) condo building, without one feature that is even moderately pleasing.  There's an Earth's Basket grocery store in the retail space, which is probably quite handy, but will never be as convinient as the one across the street.

But hey, three out of four isn't bad in these troubled times, and you should catch the delights of this spot while they're still around.