Tuesday, January 26, 2010

New Brooklyn Bus Routes

Brownstoner links to the MTA watchdog blog 2nd Ave.Sagas, where you can find details of changes to several local bus routes. Alas, the B77 is to be no more - it will be incorporated into the B61 & extend into Windsor Terrace. The B75 will also disappear, but some of that route will also be taken over by the 61. From a selfish point of view, I'll still be able to hop on the 61 bus close by, & I won't mind the bus going further along Columbia Street & into downtown Brooklyn. I'll miss having the route start on my doorstep though. I could always get a perfect seat & this felt pretty luxurious. Casting aside selfish motives, it's pretty crappy that these changes are going into effect. Anyone taking the old B75 route now has to take two buses to get to Cobble Hill, & if you're elderly, it's harsh stuff. Ditto the reduction from two Red Hook bus routes to one, which will make Red Hook transportation more meagre & crowded than ever. Shabby treatment.