Thursday, January 7, 2010

Clover Barber

Lost City notes the especially good Clover Barber sign at the corner of 12th & 7th. Alas, Clover has been closed since 2008(the elderly Italian owner, Ercole Riccardelli, became too frail to continue working) & every time I go by I wonder what will become of the place. The interior is all-original, right down to hair product ads., red leather chairs & the children's fire-truck ride. I took my son there regularly when he was young, until the haircuts became a bit too wobbly & lopsided to justify the experience. I'm pretty sure Riccardelli owns/owned the building, but I don't know what's going on there. It would be a fine shop to preserve. In the same area of 7th, I gather that there's finally a permanent sign up honoring Whitey(John Glendinning), a much loved neighborhood fixture who died in 2008. I have to get by there this weekend to get a photograph. The Daily News had a great profile of Whitey back in '07.