Sunday, May 1, 2011

Film Biz Prop Shop

The Film Biz Prop Shop, a non-profit store selling donated TV & movie props, relocated from Long Island City to Gowanus last December.  It's at 540 President, between Third & Fourth. I went there several months ago, just after it first opened, and went back for another look yesterday.  This place is a heap of fun, and you can find something to meet even your darkest urges.  For those of you who have secretly (one would assume) longed to own (or rent!) a replica electric chair, there's this:

Perhaps you've been dreaming of giving your home a glorified bordello makeover?

These are big ticket items, of course.  The majority of the stuff here is more modestly priced.  A lot of it is of the practical variety - kitchen, art  & office supplies,  desks, chairs, lighting, bedding etc. - but it's also a good source for fake food items, period radios, toys, & the occasional costume.  There's a little (well, a lot) of everything.  My favorite section is a line of thematically arranged boxes:

This one touched a raw nerve:

You can probably get all your party supplies here, and like the electric chair, even small items can be rented.  If you hate buying stuff new, can't afford a lot of the modern crap in the stores, or need to buy something weird for that special friend (or something special for that weird friend) I seriously recommend a visit.

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