Friday, March 26, 2021

These Days

Well it's been a while.  What with COVID, two moves, and my irritation with last year's change of Blogger interface, I haven't spent much time here in the last year.  And of course, I'm in Astoria now, and COVID hasn't given me the chance to get into Brooklyn much.  When I moved I hadn't bargained for banishment -  a terrible way to leave.  But with vaccination in process, things are easing up in terms of moving around the city, & I expect to get to old and new neighborhoods more frequently.  Close to home, I'm getting to know Astoria/LIC and northern Brooklyn much better; it's good to dig deeper into parts of New York you knew only superficially.  

I expect a two-borough slant to whatever might end up here in future. The folding sunsets blast through my windows each evening; views span from South Bronx high-rise to tower-top sliver of Manhattan Bridge.  On we go.

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