Tuesday, June 25, 2019


Meanwhile, in pharmacy news, the Rite Aid at Fifth & 10th will become a Walgreens in August.  I'd noticed the store shelves were half-empty, and one of the store clerks (my favorite) told me about the change.  She'd said she'd be keeping her job.  Walgreens bought almost two thousand Rite Aid stores last year, and the majority of these will be rebranded by 2020.

I'm not much of a Rite Aid shopper.  I'm all for Neergaard.  But Walgreens owns the British company Boots, & if they stock some Boots No 7 products in their new store on Fifth they'll get me through the doors.

Very few Rite Aid pictures in the archives.  Here's one from 2010, when a car crashed into the place.

Several blocks farther south we can expect Not Just Chocolate soon.

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