Monday, September 24, 2012

Available on 12th

Ground was broken for this building back in 2008, and work has limped along ever since. I've been watching its slow, sorry progress for years, and have posted about it here from time to time. It's been hampered by structural issues (an illegal mezzanine at one point), flooding problems, and a run-of-the-mill litany of complaints & violations, several of which remain open. Notable, perhaps for its visual mediocrity (that "Juliet" balcony, the grim looking entrance, that strange recessed upper floor), there's not much to love here. But if you have been hankering for a piece all (!) of it, I'm pleased to announce that the whole building is now on the market, for the modest sum of $4,200,000. From the realtor's site ( disclaimer at the bottom of the listing) :
"Nestled on one of Park Slopes’prettiest tree lined streets, 314 12th Street is a brand new,6 unit townhouse that offers a level of quality and luxury unmatched in the market."
So many surprises in one sentence!