Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Two Views of Ninth

I picked up this photograph a couple of days ago, in a knick-knack store on Court.  Here's 9th St., approaching Smith, back in 1930,

and here's the scene today, sans trolley tracks, the end frame rowhouse, and a building at the corner that is now a Budget rental lot.

Most of the little row of frames (forever remembered as the Russo Realty, Notary Public houses) are still there, though their recent, much-needed renovation has made them generic and plastic looking.  Dormers have been slapped in, but the little upper windows have vanished.  As for that building on the end!  Across from it the building that once housed a nice looking luncheonette is home to  F Line Bagels (MTA, had you nothing better to do with your time?).  The 1930 photograph is very dark. and I can't make out the Ninth Street stores just before Smith, but they're clearly more substantial. Trees obscure the much of the streetscape in the background, but the larger building (apartments now) is plainly in view.  I wish I could take the trolley down Ninth, just once, and go through that luncheonette door.

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Marty Wombacher said...

Nice before and after shots! The before block looks nicer.