Saturday, August 15, 2009

The NYC Mayoral Conundrum

The prospect of voting for our next mayor does not fill me with excitement. Generally, I enjoy voting, but I can't for the life of me figure out who to go for this time around. I can't vote for Bloomberg, what with his changing of term limits, lousy urban development record, obscene campaign spending, and use of our frustrations with public transportation as a campaign tool (the F train will probably go express anyway in several years - though nothing can happen until the Culver Viaduct is fixed - whether Bloomberg is mayor or not). Sadly, I can't whip up much enthusiasm for William Thompson, though I feel I should vote for him just to try to unseat Bloomberg (who will probably make it back in, no?). Dutiful luke warm voting is a depressing prospect. Other choices? The Naked Cowboy is out (I do have some standards), and I have to use my vote some way or other, so I may just protest the main two candidates & go Green this year, with a "yes" for the Reverend Billy (of The Church of No Shopping). Actually, I'm not sure if he'll get on the ballot (he only has a few more days to collect enough signatures)but if he does he may well be my man.