Thursday, July 2, 2009

Starting Out

I've wasted enough time already getting this thing up and running. Fretting over a blog name, held back by my complete lack of blogging know how. Really, it's time to begin.

Though there are a number of blogs I visit regularly, many of them New York based, none of them mean as much to me as Bob Guskind's did. Really there's a hole in my day that Gowanus Lounge once filled, and this blog is in some way a sort of amateurish tribute. I can't believe how much I miss GL, & the only way to fill the space is to try & be a little more active myself. I don't have any particular slant, but do care about city life, various food matters, books, music, film, etc. I will post photographs, including the occasional abandoned couch. RIP Robert Guskind.

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