Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Work pushes further into our yard (as the city deems it has a right to) for shoring & foundation work. Yes, the new building will extend eighteen feet further back than the house it is replacing, and than our own.  Though the construction fence has been shifted our way, the shoring, as fabulously crooked as ever, isn't actually shoring anything, as there's no dirt packed behind it.  Instead, the hole in our yard yawns ever wider.  Today the crew were dissuaded by a 'concerned onlooker' from foundation work at the rear of the new building line, as the ground there was visibly rising and falling as they walked upon it (think of walking on an air mattress) and was clearly saturated.  This is the part of the property where a well was uncovered, and I do wonder if there's a spring down there, as it clearly floods very easily.  It seems the plans are now changing to accommodate the sodden terrain, and the guys will have to go deeper, deeper down?

On the street, sewer repairs ended late last week, only to be followed by a gas leak (a result of the sewer repairs).  The gods are unrelenting.


Anonymous said...

Reading the posts on this ongoing saga infuriates me to no end! I cannot even imagine your hell. Ridiculous!

onemorefoldedsunset said...

Thanks. It has been quite a farce but I guess we're learning a lot along the way, and are no longer much surprised by what developers can legally get away with. The house has held up so far, so hopefully it will also weather the construction phase!