Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Meanwhile, Living on the Edge of a Dirt Pit ...

Machines are back.  Foundation work begins, and involves removing the fill hurriedly dumped in the basement of the old house, left as an open (violation-worthy) pit for some time.  This was work for our Grasso friends again, who brought fill that was more boulder/cement chunk than dirt.

Happily, today's workers have been able to recycle the chunks again as no-parking materials. Build it green(ish).

It is alarming watching the bucket, heavy with rock, swinging around to the Mack truck. From the backyard it looks horribly close to our flimsy side wall, and you imagine one wrong move could rip right through it. I hope the operator and this guy sitting on top of the truck are paying close attention.

The day's work did reveal one interesting find. Not interesting enough to justify the misery of this godawful mess, but something. Beyond the house footprint, and the range of the small shed extension, you can now see a masonry-lined hole full of water. Is this a cistern? A privy? A dry well? I know there are urban archaeologists who explore these sites, and come up with all kinds of nineteenth century artifacts, but I doubt our condo developers have much time for this kind of treasure. Too bad.  Though I guess our sister-house has one of these too?

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Laura Goggin Photography said...

I would think a discovery like that would need to be inspected. Intriguing find.