Friday, July 19, 2013

Life on the Edge.

A dull week in terms of pictures. The sick compulsion of sticking my head over the fence to watch the pit deepening has kept me from straying too far. I really don't want to watch what's going on, but I sort of have to - partly out of common sense (I should keep an eye on things) and partly because it is strangely addictive. And how close - much too close - to the scene of the action I am. Today was a three vehicle day: caterpillar digger, dump truck & cement mixer. A frantic scene, with maximum noise, and plenty of sweaty guys toiling in the dirt. Only one of them wearing a hardhat. When the pitbull across the way barked at the scene, one of the men kept barking back, and this little game went on for some time. 

There's no escaping it. Even when I'm not at home, I'm thinking of digging & teetering timbers. 

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