Thursday, January 19, 2012

At Hicks


Marty Wombacher said...

Very cool photo! Like a portal to another world, nice work!

Goggla said...

Awesome photo! The grays and reds make such great contrast.

onemorefoldedsunset said...

Thanks guys. This is on top of the former Tower & Home buildings (now Cobble Hill Towers) - model tenements buildings from the 1870s. In 1906, Jacob Riis wrote about them:
"They are six stories (sixty feet) high, are almost absolutely fireproof, and have excellent means of egress…Every apartment not only opens outdoors, but has a through draft,…are " self-contained " ; rooms are supplied with water, a clothes-press with shelf and hooks, a place for a stove, and a coal-box, holding a quarter of a ton…. Children can play in the courtyard, and also in the cellar or covered verandas when it rains. There is a band of eight pieces for two hours on Saturday afternoons in summer. The Home building has a reading-room for its own tenants and for those of the Tower building and the general public, which takes daily papers and weekly and monthly magazines, and also has a circulating library of 334 novels. The buildings have open stairways, but the tenants do not seem to object.”
Different times.
If you go today, & claim to be looking for a condo (ha!) you can get quite a tour. Six flights of stone spiral stairs, tiny apartments designed in pairs, with wrought iron balconies & courtyard gardens. You could be very happy here if it weren't for the infernal ROAR of the BQE. Right now it's an uneasy mix of condo & rental.